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Heidi Hendricks Memorial Camp Fund 

The Stars Foundation proudly honors Heidi Hendricks for her invaluable contribution to The Stars Foundation. She and her loving husband Joe Hendricks were the original website designers of The Stars Foundation and World Orphans Day original websites and they donated their time to design and host the sites. Their tireless dedication to our cause, while they both went through cancer at the same time, is probably one of the most inspiring stories of courage and love that we have seen through our journey in bringing help to the orphans and disenfranchised! We honor Heidi, pictured below with Joe, as a tribute to one of our special Heroes of Humanity! Feel free to donate to the Heidi Hendricks Camp Fund as a memorial to her, to send daughters of our wounded warriors and fallen heroes to camp. This is part of the Victory Mountain Project, in partnership with Camp Corral and the Navy SEAL Foundation. Joe and Heidi