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Hearts on Fire Ministries

Under the spiritual mandates of The Stars Foundation, we reach out through events, promotions, television, radio, and missions work to bring a message of love, hope, compassion and peace.

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Hearts on Fire is the ministry division of The Stars Foundation, which is led by ordained minister Roger J. Piggott. The ministry reflects the will of God for the harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. The Stars Foundation has many Christian celebrity supporters, council members, and dignitaries who have courageous callings to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Hearts on Fire Ministries combines Love in Action deeds with powerful on-location testimonials and video footage, portraying mission works exemplified throughout the kingdom of God and how one person can make a difference. A newly created television series includes topics such as; addictions, trials & tribulations, veteran issues, sex trafficking, LGBT community, youth suicides, the homeless, prison ministry, youth, and orphanages. The series is designed to inspire the Agape deeds of love, as the field team and Star Power of the ambassadors travel to heart-wrenching locations throughout the USA, Canada and abroad.  

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