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Vince Gill & Carl Zander

Vince Gill

Vince Gill serves as the Celebrity Host for concerts at two consecutive year East Tennessee Celebrity Golf events for The Stars Foundation. Four weeks prior to the golf event and concert, Vince takes time out of busy day for a fun round of golf with WIVK’s GM, Bobby Denton, and Carl Zander, a Cincinnati Bengal’s NFL Football Player, and to film the TV and Radio PSA for the event.

Thom Schuyler, NY Jets Pat Ryan and Bobby Denton

The inaugural Carl Zander Celebrity Golf Tournament staged at Gatlinburg, Tennessee enjoyed participation by Thom Schuyler, New York Jets QB Pat Ryan and Bobby Denton.

The Stars Foundation’s campaign for Abused Children played host to the event as part of a national public relations campaign which generated more than $350,000 in traditional media support for the event.

Schuyler, Ryan, Denton & Hurley @ Carl Zander Celebrity Golf Abused Children


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15 Countries participate in the International Long Drive Championships with syndicated broadcast of 26 episodes being aired in 50 countries worldwide. Regularly Scheduled Television programming topped $USD 12 million dollars In traditional media values.