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The Village Ambulances program serves around 600 patients every month in the remote villages of Kamuli district in rural Uganda.

The Village Ambulances program serves around 600 patients every month in the remote villages of Kamuli district in rural Uganda.

The Stars Foundation’s goal is to help impact 10 villages over the next 12 months, raising monies for both the motorcycles and Ambulances. We want to work with Village Ambulances and the White Feather Foundation to potential save 5,000 lives every month, as the program grows!


We are partnering with Janie’s Fund and the Life Set program to help youth aging out of the foster care system.  It is a program embraced by Steven Tyler to help these youth, at a community-based level, who are provided resources and trained specialists to help them through the transitioning period to obtain housing, skills to work and emotional support.Our goal will be to hold a specific fundraiser next year for this program in the Nashville area, tied to the Long Drive Golf Championships to be held at Gaylord Springs Golf Links.  This will be a taped delayed broadcast on numerous networks around the world through Iceman Television.

Steven Tyler with the girls of Janie’s House program

Steven Tyler with the girls of Janie’s House program. This is a program of Youth Villages.

Lakota Tribe Family


First Families Now

The Lakota Tribe at Pine Ridge reservation consists of 3 million acres located in the poorest county in the United States. There are 45,000 enrolled members and an 89% unemployment rate! The need is in an urgent state just for basic needs. The average life expectancy for males is 47 and the average for females is 51. Housing is a huge shortage with an average 18 people in 1 2-bedroom home. Most homes are in poor condition. This is why we at The Stars Foundation are committed to First Families Now nonprofit at Pine Ridge to address the needs of our Lakota People. They are replacing a food pantry that recently caught on fire, and The Stars Foundation is dedicated to providing food and goods that help them with their basic needs, as well as developing a long term sustainable program.

Children and Teacher


Every Child is Ours is a spearheaded by Jan Pascal to serve the most needy children.

Jan Paschal is a former educator, who also worked with the Clinton Administration.  Every Child is Ours is a global educational exchange program.  The program works with under-developed elementary schools in Mexico, South Africa, and South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.   Feeding and caring for her community in Tuckerman, Arkansas,  Pascal and her team also expand the vision to other countries to bless every child.   The Stars Foundation works closely with Every Child is Ours for the Lakota Tribe program and the South Africa project, knowing that together we are mightier.

Every Child is Ours is serving communities in Mexico, New Hampshire, Mexico, South Dakota and South Africa.   We partner with goods-in-kind contributions as a long term commitment to feed and nourish the least and poorest in these communities


 We recently were blessed to provide shoes to the Children and needy families in Maseru, Lesotho.

 Through the collaboration with the Eagles Path International Center and Samaritan’s Feet, we were able to deliver 16,000 pairs of slides. These shoes are very needed to protect the children’s feet in the summer months and keep them from sores, cuts and wounds.

 Eagles Path works with numerous churches and outreaches to impact the children in the villages to have proper essentials for health.


 Working with numerous charities including, Plentitude, Montana de Horacion, Mana de Cielo, we are feeding and restoring hope to the refugees in the southern border area, Working with a local pastor, we are delight to have delivered our first truckload recently to the border town. Pepsi sponsored drinks including juices, soda and water.



 Fundacion Una Mano Amiga

 In solidarity with our Salvadoran brothers and knowing the needs of especially children in orphanages and elderly people in nursing homes, Fundación Una Mano Amiga supports these institutions on a monthly basis with days of food, clothing, medicines, shoes, and hygiene supplies.

 We also serve the homes of low-income families, giving provisions to enrich their lives. The Stars Foundation is committed to serve the children of El Savador with basic necessities when available and work as partners on a continual basis, eventually providing mission groups to help in the training programs in their vocational schools.

Food Programs Mission Leader
Medical supplies to the hospitals - A Helping Hand Foundation


Prince of Peace Children's Home

Prince of Peace Children’s Home opened in 2004 in response to the immense need Honduras has for the protection and restoration of abused and neglected children.

Since the first children were received in our home due to gang violence, our home has welcomed the most severe cases of child abuse, extreme poverty, and neglect.

The Stars Foundation is partnering to bring goods in kind, mission groups and church support to this Children’s home.