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The Stars Foundation UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee

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UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee


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THE STARS FOUNDATION™ joined in partnership with the UN WORLD ORPHANS DAY PROMOTION COMMITTEE™ in a Petition Conference in New York City on October 15, 2018. The purpose of the Petition Conference was to rally international
collaborators who support an agenda to petition the United Nations to observe
World Orphans Day™, as the second Monday in November each year.

Media Press Coverage

This event served as the USA featured Press Event for World Orphans Day™
 set for November 12, 2018.

The Japan Society, headquartered just adjacent to the United Nations, served as the
host venue of the World Orphans Day International Forum and Petition Conference.

Cheryl w/Presidential Adviser of Malawi

Cheryl and Roger Piggott, The Stars Foundation, meet Hetherwick Ntaba, former Malawi High Commissioner to UK and Presidential Advisor

The initial session of the conference served as a tribute to the Host Organizer’s
Mother Chizuko Tauchi, known as “The Mother of Korean Orphans”, as well as
honoring the outstanding works of the Family of Heart Foundation throughout 90
years of service since Ms. Tauchi first took in 350 orphans. The Presenter, Mr. Motoi Tauchi, as well as his parents posthumously, were honored by The Stars
with the Heroes of Humanity Award in a ceremony during the first
Session. Cheryl Robeson Piggott, Founder of World Orphans Day™,
presented Mr. and Mrs. Tauchi with the Award

Cheryl Presenting Award

Cheryl Robeson Piggott presenting “Heroes of Humanity Award“ to Mr. & Mrs. Motoi Tauchi

U.N. Audience

Conference Attendees

World Orphan's Day Logo

Roger J. Piggott presented for The Stars Foundation™ on strategies of
“Leveraging Media to Impact the World” for World Orphans Day™ and to bring the
United Nations Observation Commitment.

VP of Television and Media

Roger J. Piggott – Pastoral Director of The Stars Foundation™

Multi Language Translation Team

International translators were used throughout the Conference speaking in
English, Japanese and Korean

UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee World Orphans Day U.N. Promo Poster

This illustrious event successfully garnered support from distinguished Korean and Japanese prominent business and people from all walks of life, who petitioned for a World Orphans Day to be recognized and observed by the United Nations. Some of the dignitaries supporting the petition included:

Joon Oh / Former Korea UN Ambassador, Save the Children Korea
Yukio Hatayama-/Former Prime Minister of Japan
Huiho Lee / Asia Pacific Peace Foundation, Chairman
(late President Kim Dai Jung’s foundation)
Wonsoon Park / Seoul City Mayor
Lord David Alton of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Cheryl Robeson Piggott / World Orphans Day Founder
and CEO, The Stars Foundation
Shiozo Nishimori- Japan Organization Chairman
Hetherwick Ntaba/ Former Malawi High Commissioner
to U.K and Presidential Adviser
Koro Bessho Japan Ambassador to the United Nations
Inho Lee, former Republic of Korea Ambassador to Russia
Toshihiro Nikai / Chief Secretary, Liberal Democratic Party Japan
Jiwon Park- Member of the Korean National Assembly
Roger Piggott / Director of Pastoral Services/VP of Media,
P.R. and Broadcast, The Stars Foundation
Keunsuk Jang – Actor, Pop Singer

World Orphans Day, Logo

The day festivities included several performances by the Korean Choir from Mokpo City, the Mokpo Gongsaengwon Family performed a special Chorus Singing of “Amazing Grace” accompanied by all who were in attendance.

Korean Quire

The Korean Choir ended the Petition Conference in a spirit of Unity and Peace. The Mokpo Gongsaengwon Family choir also performed at The Good Sheppard Reform Church of Bayside, NY, where Reverend. Jun Yeol Park served as the Chairman for the New York UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee.

UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee & International Forum Delegation

UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee & International Forum Delegation

The Stars Foundation UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee

The Stars Foundation™ is proud of the Spiritual Bond in our working relationship with the leadership of the Family of Heart Social Welfare Foundation, and the UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee.

2018 UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee Form & Conference

U.N. Presenters - Group

The International Delegation, Dignitaries and Ambassadors all United as One.

Nashville TN Event Nov, 11th-13th 2019

The team will unite in working together with The Stars Foundation™ to bring the
World Orphans Day Summit to Nashville, Tennessee, USA with the
same passion and commitment to the welfare of orphans as exemplified at
the New York City Forum.

Korean Delegation New York City

Mr. Tauchi Motoi (left) is currently serving as the Vice President of The Stars Foundation™, a Nashville based 501c3 foundation.

The Stars Foundation UN World Orphans Day Promotion Committee

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